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What you hate doing the most could be your greatest opportunity for growth. You have to go where you don’t want to go to find what you most want to find. Your holy grail is through your toughest times. So, you search for the challenges intentionally and selfishly, so you can be your greatest you to do your best for yourself, and even more importantly, others. Remember when you are at your best you can help others be their best. Imagine if you worked tirelessly at just one thing a little each day and you do that for a year. Just a year. There is really no limit to what you can be. No limit. You think you can’t do that for a year? How many days of the last 365 have you not wasted 30 mins in a day?? 50 mins a day or the entire day?? Its basic math. I would challenge you to see each day this occurs as a loss of opportunity and your own rejection to go to a higher level of being. Take advantage of your advantages and your disadvantages. You do that and the results you get will change your vision and it will be like putting on a new pair of super powered glasses and you will begin to see everything as they truly are - opportunities!!!

So tomorrow will be a lost opportunity if you lay in your bed, play video games, scroll Snapchat, Instagram and eat Cheese puffs all day. Lets make it a "No Cheese Puff" day and do something productive, if not for yourself, at least for your family.