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Public Announcement Request for Professional Design Services

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Thank you to McDonald's of Chillicothe!!

Thank you for donating $7,500 to our students and programs! Wow! More +

Thank you to Kingston National Bank!!

Thank you for your $5,000 donation to our district! Wow! More +

Immunization Information for Grades 7-12 School Age Children

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Open Enrollment Application for the 2016-2017 School Year

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2016-2017 Fall Latchkey Registration Information

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Thank You for the Donations in Support of our Baseball/Softball Projects

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WELCOME to the "U"

Contact Informaton
(740) 773-4102
Matt G. Thornsberry
Twitter: @mthornsberry
Vision Statement
By inspiring greatness, all students will realize their worth and potential.
Mission Statement
At Union-Scioto School District, students will learn, lead, and make a difference. 
Unioto Motto
Today's Learners
 Tomorrow's Leaders

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