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Library Media Center

Submitted by Neysea E. 

Middle School Library Media Center

Mrs. Russell,
UMS library aide.
      The Unioto Middle School Library is a wonderful place to read.  It has a large amount of useful resources and quite a few books to read in your spare time.  It also has many computers open for daily use.  So the next time you need something for a project or just need a good book to read, just stop in and you be well taken care of.  Stop in today!
      Friends of the Unioto Middle School Library
Robert McKell 1995 -97 David Mead Massie Trust 1996
Bob & Darlene Nelson 1995 Unioto P.T.O. 1995
Margaret Graves 1995 Donna & Robert Hawkins 1995 - 97
Betsy Moore 1995-97 Cheryl Swan 1996 - 97
Jennifer and Erin Moore 1995 Ginny Wettersten 1996 - 97
Kip & Tim Reichelderfer 1995-97 Dave Warner 1995 - 96
Kurt Reichelderfer 1995-96 Karen Mercer 1995 - 96
Chillicothe Junior Civic League 1996 Ellen Hurtt 1995
~Submitted by Jade B.  

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