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Diesel Exhaust & School Bus Idling


How our children are affected: Air pollution from diesel vehicles has health implications for everyone, but children may be more susceptible to the pollution because they breathe 50 percent more air per pound of body weight then adults do. Exposure to these pollutants is associated with increased frequency of childhood illnesses.

The Ohio EPA recommends talking some actions to reduce diesel pollution.
This is what Unioto Schools is doing.

·         No idling buses on school property.

·         On the bus compound, buses can idle 15 minutes under 30 degrees, and 5 minutes over 30 degrees.

·         Unioto applied and received a grant to put Diesel Oxidation Catalyst Mufflers on seven of our older buses. The diesel oxidation catalyst mufflers help eliminate air pollution by breaking down large particles of soot that emanate from the exhaust system. They were paid for with an $11,055 grant from the Ohio EPA’s Clean Diesel School Bus Fund.

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