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Stay Out of the Danger Zone


Proper Procedure for picking up and discharging students:

Letting your student know that 10 feet around the bus is the Danger Zone. When students are in this danger zone drivers are unable to see them.

Picking up Students

·         Student need to be at their designated place of safety before the bus arrives.

·         Driver must count students before stopping and check mirrors.

·         Students must stay in their designated place of safety until driver sets brake, put bus in neutral, check mirrors, open door and after driver makes eye contact, drops there hand then student are permitted to enter the bus.

·         Driver always wait for students to sit before bus is moving.



·         After driver checks traffic, actuate warning lights, sets parking brake, put in neutral, opens door, and gather students in the front.

·         Students crossing the road are to walk 10 steps along side of the roadway to the front of the bus. Students wait there until driver makes eye contact and driver drops their hand.

·         Students then walk to the center of the road checking both ways to make sure it is safe to cross.

·         Students make sure they go to their designated place of safety and wait until school bus pulls away.

·         If the driver blows the horn, the students are to stop! That means danger!

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