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Stop! Read this important information before proceeding!

The following list is a compiliation of tips to help you avoid IPDP and License Renewal blunders.  Please read this list carefully before proceeding to fill out paperwork for IPDP, Professional Development, or License Renewal.  As always, building representatives are available to help answer any questions you may have!
1. Who are my LPDC representatives? See the tab labeled LPDC Committee Members on the right of this page.
2.  What does pre-approval mean and how do I initiate the process? Professional development activities/vendors may or may not be already approved by the LPDC committee.  Pre-approval by the LPDC committee is not the same process as having the superintendent sign off on tuition reimbursement paperwork.  See the tab labeled Appendices B-1 and B-2 to determine whether your professional development activity or vendor is pre-approved by the committee.  If your activity/vendor is not pre-approved, you will need to click on the tab labeled Appendix C: Professional Development Pre-Approval and Professional Summary Form, fill out the front of the form, and send it to LPDC via interoffice mail.
3. When are LPDC meetings? The LPDC committee typically meets on the second Monday of each month, including summer months.  Items such as IPDP Forms, Pre-Approval Forms, and Professional Development Logs for licensure renewal must be received on or before the first of the current month to be discussed at the current month's meeting.
4. When should I submit an IPDP? After ODE approves your application to transition from a RE License to a Professional License OR after renewing a Professional License, an IPDP (Appendix A for teachers, Appendix A-2 for principals) should be submitted immediately.  CEU's begin accumulating on the date that both of the license renewal and IPDP are approved (the later of the two dates).  Therefore, it is essential that an IPDP is submitted promptly after obtaining a new license or renewing a license.
5.  What do I need in order to renew my license online? Before initiating any license renewals online, an applicant must submit their Professional Development Log (Appendix D) along with ALL documentation of CEU hours.  This includes official transcripts (or clear copies of official transcripts) for any semester hours taken, certificates for any PD CEU's earned, and etc.  Be sure that all professional development activites recorded relate directly to the goals written on your current IPDP.
6. Not sure where to begin? Start with the Quick Guide tab on the right.  Still lost? See your building representative for help!